1st POG® BOX in 25 years

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2 min readJul 3, 2023


Redemption is Coming… Get your BOXES HERE!

It has been a long journey for you Poggers™ that have made it thus far…you have crusaded to cast your place, on-chain, as those that laid the digital concrete, the Founders of the POG® Empire.

Box 1 is in celebration of our 1st year back together as Poggers. No longer required to reminisce over bike rides, Pogs, and 90s arcades.

The good times are here again, collections are back, stacked, and the stakes are high. You’ve been playing for keeps…here’s a prize.

1 Digital Redemption Box includes:

> 1 Collector’s Edition Box of Limited Edition Pogs (physical)
> 12 POG® Packs in each Box (physical) — 6 Pogs + 1 Slammer (kini)
> All 52 Unique Pogs w/ Art from digital collections on SOL, ETH, and BTC
> Each physical Pog links the holder to its authentic blockchain original
> 1 Random Pack in each Box contains a Secret
> Exclusive Digital & Physical Access to Upcoming Releases

Only 555 of the 750 Digital Pogs will be minted to the public with the first 195 of the 750 going to current holders of digital POG® collections.

Supply Allocations: Numbered 750 Piece Supply

> #1–#100 = Holders of a Solana Founding Slammers (Box # = Slammer #)
> #101–#144 = Holders of the 1/1s from Eth Series 1
> #145–#195 = Competitions and Giveaways for all holders
> #196–#750 = Public Mint (555 Supply)

Every digital collector of any collection is a member of THE WORLD POGGER FEDERATION™, an interoperable universal gaming and entertainment ecosystem, officially created by THE WORLD POG FEDERATION™ to be a voice for our collectors as POG® Ecosystem navigates its growth around the globe. THE WORLD POGGER FEDERATION™ as a whole is the voice of its members, ensuring that new ideas, proposals, and developments are considered and incentivized.

POG® brings over 30 years of credibility and authenticity within the collectibles landscape including partnerships with some of the greatest IPs of all time in Disney, Marvel, Barbie, Pokemon, and more.

This is your chance to own some of the world’s most-rare critically acclaimed digital & physical collectibles. We won’t drop this box again, so stay tuned to get one and learn how to capitalize on your POGGER™ Coin.



POG Digital

THE WORLD POGGER FEDERATION™ is a decentralized NFT-based ecosystem for the wildly popular 90's game and collectibles brand POG.