🌉 **Champion’s Journey Awaits!** 🌉

POG Digital
3 min readAug 24, 2023


✨ 20 Exclusive, Limited Edition POGGER BOXES on Solana, are waiting for their Champion to Collect them and embark on the Champion’s Journey…and be among the First to Claim their Place on POGCHAIN.

Winners of POGGER BOXES, get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey from Solana to POGCHAIN across the esteemed Champions’ Bridge to REDEEM your prizes!

✨ Every single box is a golden ticket, redeemable ONLY on POG.ThetaDrop.com

✨ Redeem and Unbox the 1st PHYSICAL POG Collector’s Boxes in a quarter of a century! Numbered #176 — #195 of a 750 total supply.

📦 **What’s in the BOX?** 📦
> 1 Collector’s Edition Box of Limited Edition Pogs (physical)
> 12 POG® Packs in each Box (physical) — 6 Pogs + 1 Slammer (kini)
> All 52 Unique Pogs w/ Art from digital collections on SOL, ETH, and BTC
> Each physical Pog links the holder to its authentic blockchain original
> 1 Random Pack in each Box contains a Digital Champion’s POG from the Innaugural Collection on POGCHAIN powered by Theta Networks
> Exclusive Digital and Physical Access to Upcoming Releases

🕹️ **Join the Game and Win!** 🕹️
In collaboration with 4 Fantastic Solana Games:
🎮 Stepn / Mooar — The Company behind Stepn is holding a Risk Free Raffle for 5 Champion’s POGGER Boxes.
🎮 EV.io — Hosting a PvP 1st Person Shooter Tournament with Custom Skin and POG Collectibles to be found and earned through gameplay. 50 POG NFTS including 3 Champion’s POGGER Boxes.
🎮 Portals — We are nearing completion on an extreme obstacle course on POG Island. Who will Leap to Victory? 5 Champion’s POGGER Boxes to be Won!
🎮 POGMAN Battle — The Final Battle will be for 5 Champion’s POGGER Boxes. Tournaments, Head to Head, and more announcements as we get closer.

Get ready for an immersive in-game experience and raffles to win the highly coveted Redemption Tokens. Stay tuned for our thrilling competition schedule!

🎖️ **Historic POGGER Series!** 🎖️
Our debut series puts the spotlight on 4 Magnificent Solana Games. Gamers, brace yourselves for a series of games and hunt for the Redemption Boxes. Unlock 1 Champion’s POG (Digital) from the POGCHAIN inaugural collection inside every physical POGGER Box!

🔄 **Redemption Process Simplified:** 🔄
1. Head to POGDigital.com (Net Tab will go live soon!)
2. Authenticate using your Solana POGGER BOX NFT wallet.
3. Sync your ThetaDrop account.
4. Send your Solana NFT to: 4FEGcdnr1pi7HiPae2cqcLkwnDPEyaCzjmwNqhQQwc67
5. Wait a bit (24–48 hours). Check your ThetaDrop Wallet.
6. Redeem on ThetaDrop!

⚠️ Important: The Solana to Theta redemption, aka Crossing the Champion’s Bridge, is irreversible. But don’t fret, there’s always a hungry secondary market on ThetaDrop!

🔧 **Need Help?** 🔧
Reach out to our support team on Discord.gg/pogdigital. We’re here to assist!

- Fresh marketing visuals are on the way!
- Partners have the exciting option of joining POG SPORTS (eSports) MARKETING.

Celebrate our vision, partnerships, and groundbreaking cross-chain integration. We’re elated and can’t wait for you to join the fun! 🔥🚀



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THE WORLD POGGER FEDERATION™ is a decentralized NFT-based ecosystem for the wildly popular 90's game and collectibles brand POG.