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It’s GameTime Poggers!

POG Digital
4 min readMay 3, 2023

Step by Step
Create a hot wallet and add the Pogs you want to use.
(Separate from your Ledger)

Connect your wallet to the Moonshine Labs Platform and Login…
Connect your Twitter or Discord.
Then Connect your wallet to your Twitter or Discord with a new button at the bottom of the menu under your avatar.

Once it’s all connected Go to Your Stach.
In your Stach, open your hot wallet to see your Pogs.
Click each Pog you want to play with. Then click Deposit to add the Pog to your Game wallet. Deposit Pogs 1 by 1 (bulk deposit coming soon).

Once your Pogs have been added to the Game Wallet, return to the Game.

*New Version will come out periodically, check in Discord to ensure you are playing the most Recent Deployment.

Back in the game, click Online Play For Keeps.
There is also a Practice Mode.
Single Player Online is not enabled, so you will reach a dead end in the gameplay.

Once you’ve selected Online Play For Keeps, then select Load Pogs.
Go to the Menu under your Avatar and select View Pin.

Type in your Pin, once Logged In, the Pin will automatically be input.
After the Pin is input, the Tap To Load Pogs…

You will see your Pogs load into the game.

Once in the Lobby, you can either Host a Game or Join a Game.
To Host, tap into Game Name and Type a Game Name longer than 3 Characters, then click Create Game.

You can then select your Pogs, compete with 1 -13 Pogs.
Then click Create to open the room.

When a competitor joins the room, you will see the Pogs they’ve selected.

If you agree to their selection, you can Click Ready and the game will begin.
If you do not agree, then click Cancel.

*Please note, currently if you join a room and back out or if you cancel a game that you are hosting, you will need to refresh the browser, wait 90 seconds, and then reload your Pogs.
We are working to move past this bug, currently.

Once all Pogs have been flipped, the game is over…
Then you will go back your stach to see what you’ve won…

You will have a new wallet named, “Winning.”
This will only be available when it contains unclaimed Pogs.

Open the Winnings wallet and claim your Pogs.
Each time you claim a Pog it will be sent back into the Game Wallet to continue Game Play.

If you wish to remove a Pog from your Game Wallet you simply need to select the Pog and Click Withdraw.
This will move the Pog back into your Hot Wallet and can be sent to your Cold Storage wallet or to a Marketplace!

Congratulations Pogger, it’s Gametime!



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