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-- for an understanding of the Physical Pog Game.

Pogs started as a popular schoolyard game in Hawaii. Cardboard bottle caps from the popular POG brand were put into stacks and slammed with metal bottle caps.[1] If you’re curious about this nostalgic game, you can learn how to play and collect pogs.

  • The original pogs were cardboard caps from bottles of POG, a popular juice in Hawaii. The game was played using bottle caps for a long time before it was commercialized for the mainland, where it became very popular in the 1990s.[3]
  • Most games start with everyone comparing their favorite pogs in a pile. If you see some that you like, you can offer to trade for them or play for them.

Decide whether or not you’re going to play for keeps. Once you see some pogs that you like, you can challenge your buddy to a game to keep them, but only if you both agree. If you don’t want to play for keeps, make sure you both know it.

  • Before the game, the players decide whether to play for “keeps” or “no-keeps”. If you play for “keeps”, a player keeps the pogs that are won, even if they are his opponents.[4]

Each player puts an equal number of pogs into the stack. Each player must put in the same number of pogs. Playing with at least 10–15 pogs is usually best. Make sure the stack is at least that big.

  • Start by placing all the pogs into a pile, then shuffling them and stacking them face down. This helps to ensure that someone’s pogs aren’t all at the bottom.
  • If you’re playing for keeps, remember that any pogs you put into the stack might not come back to you when you’re done. You have to decide which pogs you’re willing to risk to get the ones that you want.

Take turns “slamming” the stack. Take your slammer in whatever grip you’ve chosen, and forcefully slam it down onto the top of the stack of pogs. Let the slammer go as it makes contact. If you hit it correctly, many of the pogs should flip over onto the other side.

  • You collect all the pogs that you’ve flipped over. They now are yours, if you’re playing for keeps. If you’re not, just keep them in your pile until the game is over.
  • Restack the rest of the pogs that didn’t flip over into a stack again, still facing down. Pass the slammer to the next player.


How to Play:

  • Go to and create an account!
  • Go to
  • Sign in with Fractal to start participating in the tournament (note: only Fractal Wallet users are eligible to be on the Fractal leaderboard)
  • Pick a community to play for to start the game.
  • That’s it, you are ready to play! The game will load and just press “Play”. You can then choose Single Player or Multiplayer.

Single Player:

Compete against Pogman to increase your Tournament Score as well as your All Time Score. On the Pog Selection Screen, Poggers will Select the Pogs they will be playing with, along with the weight of the slammer and the surface of the arena.


Multiplayer matchmaking is done per region. If 2 players want to play against one another make sure to select the same region. Click “Play”, enter “Online Multiplayer”, and you will see the drop-down to switch regions above “Quick Match”.

Quick Match

  • When you click this button 1 of 2 things will happen
  • If there are game(s) available in your region waiting for a player, you will randomly join one of those matches.
  • If no games are available in the region, you will create a new game and wait for another player.

Each Poggers’ Score will be added to their individual and community total scores.

Game Mechanics:

A Pog Flip to start will determine which Pogger Slams first.

Aiming Slammer:

  • Step 1. CLICK and HOLD in the place you’d like to release the Slammer.
  • Step 2. PULL UPWARD to set the RAW POWER and MOVE RIGHT or LEFT to set the ANGLE.
  • Higher powers require more accurate release timing. Try to release when the horizontal indicator is closest to the center.
  • Step 3. UNCLICK to RELEASE the Slammer into the stack of POGs.

Digital Pogs have Game Stats including Strength, Attack, Speed, and Material and each stat will impact the way the stack flips in the game.

All Pogs except for the Founding Pogger and Pogman PFP Collections are burnable when lost to Pogman in Single Player gameplay.

So choose your Playing Pogs with care as they become rare when Players lose them to Pogman!



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