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POGGER Coin has been created and is only earned by staking Founding Pogger Pogs or winning in gameplay throughout Pogman’s Arcade.

  • $POGR will be used to access the arcade games, as gameplay rewards, and to purchase Pogs in the future.

4 Games under development:

Pogman’s Pool of Rewards

Rewards for Gameplay:

  • Includes 1700 Founders Pogs.
  • Over 13 Million Pogger Coins Unminted.
  • 20% — 30% of Future Collections Allocated to Game Rewards.


  • Global Functionality has been enabled with server selection based on location.
  • Allowing Poggers to play on PC, Web, and Android, and possibly iOS.
  • Meet in multiple environments to play Pogs, physical and virtual environments.

Blockchain Protocol

  • We are selecting our Protocol Partner to enable Blockchain functionality for Pog Games.
  • This Protocol will also allow other developers to utilize Pog Assets and Games in their creations.

Metaverse Implementations

  • Single Player Stack and Slam game is live in Portals Metaverse
  • Interoperable functionality potentially integrating into additional Metaverses including the Sovana Metaverse, Kippoverse, Yakuverse, Aokiverse, and more…

Future Collections

PFP Collection

  • Pogman PFPs will be equipped with Nostalgic tributes to the brands and products that made the 90s so hot!
  • We are developing our long-term strategy in regard to PFPs.

The first release:

  • Includes a 1400 Piece airdrop/claim system for Rare, Secret Rare, and Slammer Owners.
  • Raffling 100 or so to Common Pogs
  • Selling 500–600 PFPs at Mint.

Potential Partnerships / IP Implementations

  • Okay Bears have built one of the most exciting journies for their holders. We believe in the team and are excited for future potential in utilizing upcoming IP benefits for holders.
  • DeGods have built one of the most iconic communities and we are thrilled to be part of the DeGod and upcoming y00t NFT Communities.
  • The Goal will be to prove our potential for onboarding iconic nostalgia IP Brands.

Physical Pogs

  • Our Physical Pog Strategy is led by our Parent Company, Pog Unlimited, owners of the POG Brand outright.
  • They have a phenomenal plan to release Physical Pogs and Merchandise over the upcoming year.
  • Prior to the Pandemic, Pog Unlimited ran a test run of Selling Physical Pogs in a limited region for only 2 months. Results: More physical Pogs were sold in those 2 months than any other 2 months in the 90s. Proving the love for this brand has not dissolved.

Physical / Digital Implementation

  • We are ready to implement our Physical / Digital Strategy
  • Unique POG NFT Collections will be accessible by locating a corresponding Physical Pog.
  • Scanning a QR code will enter you into either a raffle or a private mint for these limited-access Pog Collections.



Early alpha

To date this includes:

  • Early announcements of POG Collection Releases and Strategies
  • Early access to Staking Mechanism as it was released
  • Early announcement of Slammer Auction


  • Early Access to Arcade Games
  • Early Access to Minting Information
  • Early Access to Exchange Listing


  • POGGER Coin
  • 1/1 POG NFT Art
  • Claim tokens for upcoming Collections
  • Raffle of Partnering NFTs


  • The Pog Treasury (Pool of Rewards) is open to Founding Poggers for Trades as long as they fit the same rarity criteria

Physical Merchandise:

  • As Pog Unlimited (parent co.) begins creating unique Merchandise, OFFICIAL FOUNDING POGGERS will receive Sample Releases and unique pieces for holding the Full Founders’ Set.
  • Early Access to Upcoming POG Merchandise Store

Minting Access:

  • Early Access to All Future Mints

Input into POG Strategy:

  • OFFICIAL FOUNDING POGGERS have a direct line and private discord channel to provide feedback, suggestions, and ideas for this project.
    (Many of these suggestions have been implemented already.)
1st POG Battle of Web 3



POG Digital

THE WORLD POGGER FEDERATION™ is a decentralized NFT-based ecosystem for the wildly popular 90's game and collectibles brand POG.