Why did we mint these?

These POGMAN PFPs will be both access passes for digital and physical experiences in the POG Ecosystem as well as your ProFile Picture throughout the games in the Pog Digital Arcade.

What’s Next?

As a community, we have begun having game day/nights in the discord. It’s been super fun participating in the voice chat while streaming the games that I’m playing with other Poggers. You may have noticed that you can earn yourself a new role if you beat me, Tech G in Pogs… and you will win a POG if you beat me by 5… This has added a truly inspiring element to our community. We will hope to build some community tournaments and some of our Poggers will begin holding their own!



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POG Digital

POG Digital


THE WORLD POGGER FEDERATION™ is a decentralized NFT-based ecosystem for the wildly popular 90's game and collectibles brand POG.