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2 min readApr 1, 2024


TLDR: Swap.Pogdigital.com

With the creation of the POG Blockchain, the native currency for the POG Ecosystem will be moving to POGCHAIN / Theta Network.

The arcade coins will be used to redeem prizes including Golden Slammers, Diamond Jewelry, POG Ordinals, Vintage Collectibles, and Exclusive items including Digital Assets, Physical Collectibles, and Hyper Limited Merchandise.

The Swap Window will be open for 21 Days, between April 1 and April 21, 2024.

To complete the swap, POGGER COIN HOLDERS (Solana SPL Coins) will connect their Solana Wallet to Swap.Pogdigital.com

They will then input the Amount of POGGER COIN (Solana SPL Coins) they want to swap. *Hint: Swap it all ASAP. The next window will not open until late fall 2024 and will be and substantially lower swap rate…

Holders will then enter a VALID Theta / EVM address. PLEASE NOTE*** Thetadrop addresses WILL NOT work for this, as you will not be able to retrieve the coins from a Thetadrop Address.

For instructions on activating the Theta Network in Metamask, read more here.

After the Swap has verified the authenticity of the address, Holders can then send their POGGER COIN (Solana SPL Coins) to the Burn wallet that is pre-determined by the swap functionality.

Holders’ new POG COIN (Theta TNT-20 Coins) will be added to their designated wallet beginning May 1. As per the Whitepaper, 25% of the swapped amount will be deposited to the designated wallet quarterly.
For a more detailed schedule, read more here.

Both POGGER Coin on Solana and POG Coin on Theta are utility coins, native to the POG Digital Arcade Ecosystem. Coins are used to gain access to games, competitions, and prizes, in the same way coin-operated arcades work in the physical world.


Send your POGR coin with your Theta address to get Pog Coin.

1.) Sign-in to your Solana Wallet with $POGR coin.

2.) Enter your Theta address.

3.) Enter the amount of POGR that you want to send.

4.) Press Transfer POGR to transfer the token.



POG Digital

THE WORLD POGGER FEDERATION™ is a decentralized NFT-based ecosystem for the wildly popular 90's game and collectibles brand POG.