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2 min readOct 25, 2022

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In partnership with Dust Labs, Fractal, and the Okay Bear Community, we are excited to be bringing you the 1st Players’ Collection, providing enough Pogs into the ecosystem for few thousand Poggers to Play for Keeps, winning and losing their Pogs based on how well they play the games!

OKB POGS, a POG Collection based on 3 OKAY BEARS!

In accordance with the new IP Kits provided by OKAY BEARS, POG Artists have created Pog-inspired traits as well as new POG Art based on 3 of the 4 OKAY BEARS currently owned by the POG Brand. #2035 #3849 #8962

The Mint — 11/22/22

Fractal has provided us with unique options for minting this larger collection while honoring a small creators’ royalty in each secondary transaction.

This mint will be stratified into 2 levels: (Mint Prices are only Estimations)

.25 Sol = unlimited mint of Common Pogs (.3 Sol Public)
2 Sol = limited mint of Rares, Secret Rares, and Slammers

This strategy will allow Poggers (Players) to decide if they would like to mint more rare qualities or if they would like to mint at the highest volume possible for their mint funds.

Utility of an OKB POG

This Collection is considered a Players’ Collection as this collection will be a much higher supply count than the Founding Pogger and Pogman PFP Collections. The OKB Pogs will also be subject to burning if lost to Pogman (gaming vs computer) in a Single Player, Play for Keeps match. This protocol acts as a deflationary mechanism, naturally removing Pogs through gameplay and increasing the value of each Pog left in play. Please Note* No Pogs will be burned when playing against another person. Any Pogs lost or won will go to the winning Pogger.

Poglist (Allowlist)

Each Person (Pogger) who is included on the Poglist (Early Allowlist) will be eligible for unlimited mints at a 20% discount from Public Mint Prices.
The Dust Labs team is powering the Poglist for our OKB POGs and Applications are being reviewed. We are building a wonderful community of Millennial Web3 enthusiasts combined with a passion for gaming! Our goal with Poglist Applications is to ensure that each Pogger has the opportunity to scoop up enough for competition in this game and the next!


Apply for Poggership powered by Dust Labs

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POG Tournament Game at

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